Sump Upgrades at Fresh Pond Bus Depot

GCE is completing a total upgrade of diesel tank sumps for the fuel tank field at the Fresh Pond Bus Depot in Queens, New York. Double-wall sumps, with state-of-the-art containment and monitoring, eliminate the possibility of diesel fuel spills with all their associated consequences. With this project, the MTA has demonstrated its environmental awareness, and its will to maintain the integrity of their subsurface fuel containment systems.
Installation of the modernized double-walled containment structures throughout their subsurface tank field will ensure consistent control of all fuel transfers for decades to come. GCE has also shown its commitment to workplace safety, with written work specifications that prevent workplace accidents as transfers are made during construction.
At GCE we continue to demonstrate our concern for quality and workmanship in project execution. In cooperation with the MTA, GCE is dedicated to the public welfare at all levels – on the job, and in the ongoing performance of our mechanical installations.


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