GCE to Provide Total Fire & Water District Upgrade

The Garden City Park Fire & Water District has selected G. Construction Enterprises, Inc. for replacement of their underground gasoline and diesel fuel tanks. When completed, the project will amount to a thorough modernization of the District’s fuel dispenser system at their Marcus Avenue garage.

Upgrades include advanced fuel control and containment systems, state-of-the-art alarms, and new fire suppression systems. The existing outdated dispensers, fuel management systems and fire suppression systems will be removed and disposed of. The existing 2,500 gallon steel underground storage tanks (UST) will also be removed and disposed of, along with all associated piping, sensors and wiring.

A new 6,000 gallon dual-compartment (3,000 gal/3,000 gal) fiberglass UST, built to hold diesel as well as gasoline, will be installed. The most modern leak sensor systems will be incorporated into the installation. Double-walled supply piping will also be installed, with all-new tank level/leak sensor wiring in conduit. Above ground, the new dispenser island will be constructed in a safer and more convenient location, with high-visibility protective bollards and concrete block curbing.

As with all projects, GCE takes pride in its commitment to delivery of a safe facility, under the most stringent regulatory supervision. GCE craftsmanship will ensure a facility that will serve the Garden City Park Fire & Water District community for many years to come. For further information on the project, or for estimates on fuel system installation or upgrades, call 631-206-3700 or email info@gcenvironmental.com.

GCE is looking forward to further assisting the District in their ongoing efforts to ensure compliance and to instill confidence in the long-term entegrity of District fuel supply systems.







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